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Congratulations to our Alaska POY, and other news

Congratulations to our Alaska Secondary School Principal of the Year Cessilye Williams from Clark Middle School in Anchorage. Cessilye has been a principal for 15 years, the past 13 at Clark.

As Cessilye stated in her application, Clark Middle School is in one of Anchorage’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods with a population that speaks over 50 different languages. Clark is a school with the “most.” We have the highest number of minority students, the highest number of special education students, the highest number of students on free and reduced lunch, the highest number of single parent households, the largest number of foreign languages spoken, the highest number of refugee students, the highest number of students who are monolingual, and most importantly the highest number of student achievers. Every student enrolled in Clark brings a unique set of talents that our instructional team works diligently to recognize, support and highlight. Recognizing the talents of each student and staff has been the driving force of my leadership role at Clark Middle School. I am incredibly proud to be the principal leading Clark in our journey from good to GREAT.

As one of her teachers said about her, Mrs. Williams is all about professional development and empowering her staff. And according to one of her students, Everybody loves her. She is always in the hall making sure that we are in class on time and she always tells every student good morning.

Cessilye is now in the running for the NASSP National Principal of the Year.
Congratulations Cessilye and good luck!
And special thanks to the other Alaska principals who applied. You’re all doing an awesome job!

I know it’s only May, but registration is already open for our October Alaska Principal’s Conference, “The Passionate Present Principal”.
To register, or get more information, go to: https://www.regonline.com/2015principalregistration.
It’s already shaping up to be an excellent conference. You will want to be there!

And lastly, after more than 25 years serving as a member and board member of AASSP and NASSP, and as your national president and state executive director, I am retiring.
I am proud of the work that we do as principals and as an association, both state and national.
I know that successful schools are the result of successful leaders – leaders like YOU. I want to encourage you to continue to do whatever is in your power to provide the best possible educational experience for every student in your school.
I will be continuing with a number of endeavors in public education and within this work I will always “take back the conversation” for principals.

Take Care,