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Is it Spring Yet?

Although we’ve had one of the strangest Alaska winters on record, I hope that everything at your school is going great!

There are some deadlines looming that I want to make sure everyone is aware of.

First, the deadline for applications for the BP Alaska Principal’s Scholarship has been extended to March 20, 2015. The application process is all done electronically – and you can find all the information you need here on our Website.

Second, the deadline for applications for the AASSP/NASSP Principal of the Year is April 15, 2015. Applications for the State POY are being accepted through a link on our Website that takes you to the NASSP Website. Each state will select one POY to be considered for the national position. Our Website has the national rules and access the link.

Your AASSP Board of Directors have been busy representing Alaska principals both on a state and national level. Board members were in Juneau to attend a retreat hosted by the Alaska Council of School Administrators. While there, your board members were able to lobby Alaska legislators about the importance of education – especially in light of pending budget battles. On the national level, the NASSP national conference, Ignite 2015, was an excellent opportunity for Alaska principals to harvest some new ideas, meet some of the national “movers and shakers,” meet with our fellow Region 7 members, and enjoy some collegial time together.

Also on the national level, I’ve received this update from NASSP:
I’m very pleased to announce that our collaborative work with NAESP and the American Federation of School Administrators has resulted in a big advocacy win in the House ESEA bill. We were successful in getting an amendment passed by voice vote that would make it explicit that the definition of “school leader” means a principal or assistant principal IN THE SCHOOL BUILDING.

NASSP is pushing this information out through social media, so please be sure to retweet and “like” our post on Facebook.

Our work is not yet done because we are still urging members of Congress to vote NO on HR 5. If you have not done so already, please send a message to your Representative through PLAC (https://www.votervoice.net/NASSP/Campaigns/38971/Respond). And please continue to spread the word.

This newsletter is not just about the board and what’s happening nationally. I’d really like to share the accomplishments of different schools and school leaders from across the state. Please send me any news you’d like to share about the good and worthy work going on in your school. Great schools are the result of great leaders – leaders like you!

Take Care,